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Basalt fiber application

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Good combination of properties and large variety of basfiber® products determine wide usage of basalt fiber in different fields.

One of the main applications of basalt fiber products is construction

Many building materials can be produced of basalt fiber. Basalt reinforcement for constructions and roads is effective way to achieve excellent results due to high mechanical properties and good chemical resistance of basalt fiber. Basfiber® products can be used for:

Read more about basalt building materials.

Another important application of basfiber® products is automotive industry

In this sector environmental friendliness is also significant advantage along with mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. Moreover attractive dark color makes basalt fiber similar to carbon fiber and creates an effect of luxury when basalt fiber is used for production of interior automotive parts.

Automotive parts based on basalt fiber:

Other applications of basalt fiber materials:

  • Industrial filters production
  • Basalt fabrics for thermal barriers
  • Composite products in sport and leisure goods
  • Wind power generator blades
  • Corrosion resistant high pressure pipes
  • Marine application: manufacturing of boats, yachts and jet boats hulls, surf boards etc

Read more about other applications of basalt fiber materials.

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Applications of different basalt fiber products:

Product Processing technology Material Application
Roving Pultrusion w/o winding Rebars (reinforcing bars) Construction
Pultrusion Pultruded profiles Construction
Weaving Woven fabrics, tapes See “Fabrics and tapes” below
Stitching UD, biaxial, multiaxial nonwoven fabrics, tapes
Stitching/weaving + impregnation Reinforcing meshes, geogrids, scrims Construction
Spray-up / shotcrete Basalt fiber reinforced concrete Construction
Filament winding CNG cylinders Automotive industry
Filament winding Corrosion resistant high pressure pipes Chemical, petroleum and other industries
Texturizing Muffler’s filler Automotive industry
Texturizing Thermal insulation Construction
Braiding w/o texturizing Thermal insulation sleeves for exhaust systems Automotive industry
Chopped strand Premix technology Basalt fiber reinforced concrete and cement Construction
Compounding with thermoplastic resins Reinforced thermoplastic parts Automotive industry
Compression moulding Brake pads and clutch plates Automotive industry
Extrusion with thermoplastic resins PP pipes Hot water supply
Carding and needle-punching Needle-punched mats and felts Thermal and sound insulation in construction
“Paper” technology Veils Thermoplastic composite parts for automotive industry
Twisted yarn Weaving Woven fabrics, tapes See “Fabrics and tapes” below
Braiding w/o texturizing Thermal insulation sleeves for exhaust systems Automotive industry
Braiding Ropes for thermal insulation Construction
Fabrics and tapes Vacuum infusion, RTM and others Various parts for boats, cars and motorcycles Marine and automotive industry
Vacuum infusion, RTM and others Skis and poles, skate boards, surf boards, tennis rackets and many others Sports and leisure goods
Pultrusion, vacuum infusion, RTM Pultruded profile and structural panels Construction
Various Thermal barriers, fire protection Industry, construction
Vacuum infusion Wind power generator blades Energy industry
Various Industrial filters Industry
Compression moulding, RTM and others Ballistic composite armor Ballistic
Various Thermal and sound insulation Various application

To know more about different applications of basalt fiber please contact our specialists or distributors of basfiber products.

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