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Basfiber® reinforcing geogrid for roads

Geo reinforcing mesh is designed for pavement reinforcement. It’s successfully used in construction, repair and renovation of roads and acts as a reinforcement layer. The key functions of material are even distribution of external load over the whole roadway surface, stress-relieving of asphalt concrete pavement and also tensile strength improvement of finish asphalt coat.


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Basfiber® mesh clothes for roads are placed on a pre-cleaned surface with a bitumen emulsion applied. Good adhesion of basalt geogrid with pavement base is achieved by means of bitumen-polymer dispersion, the Basfiber® mesh is impregnated with. The impregnating composition, as well as basalt fiber itself, is environment friendly.

To simplify the process of reinforcement geogrid rolling on road base, basalt geogrid is produced both with open cell and closed cell. Closed cell protects roller from bitumen pickup, which significantly accelerates the placement process.

Advantages of Basfiber® reinforcement geogrid

Basfiber® basalt reinforcement geogrid is produced of high-quality continuous basalt fiber, which considerably outperforms in all parameters Е-glass, often used in mesh for roads production:
  • 150 degree higher the upper operating temperature limit,
  • 5 times greater chemical resistance to moisture and salts agents attacks
  • 10 times lower hygroscopicity


Basfiber® reinforcing geogrid (open cell)*

Mesh window size, mm25 x 25link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhập
Surface density, g/m2190 ± 10
Breaking load, kN/mWarp > 50,0
Weft > 50,0
Elongation at break, %  2,5 ± 1% 
Freezing test strength loss (50 freeze-thaw cycles), % max10
Roll width, m1, 2, 4
Roll length, m50-100

Basfiber® reinforcing geogrid (closed cell)*

Mesh window size, mm30 x 30link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhập
Surface density, g/m2320 ± 10
Breaking load, kN/mWarp > 55. Average figures = 60-63 
Weft > 55. Average figures = 63-66
Elongation at break, %2,5 ± 1%
Roll width, m1, 2, 4
Roll length, m100

Geogrids operation

Under heat cycling and external mechanical loads asphalt concrete pavement is stretched. It results in micro cracks formation in the film of impregnating composition on geogrid, produced of Е-glass, therefore reinforcing fiber remains unprotected against moisture and salts agents, which are widely used in winter.Salt solution action leads to destruction of such grid, with the result that the road pavement remains without reinforcement layer.

Since basalt fiber has five times greater chemical resistance compared to glass fiber, Basfiber® geogrids isn’t destroyed under salts solutions action and successfully performs its reinforcing functions under all operating conditions.

Besides that, because of extremely low hydroscopicity of basalt fiber, natural fiber corrosion process in the Basfiber® grids for roads goes considerably slower, than in case of E-glass mesh.

Thus, Basfiber® geogrid application allows to considerably increase the quality of road pavement, to increase service life and time between overhauls, decelerate the process of cracks and rutting formation compared to grids produced of Е-glass.

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