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New products: direct roving 22-2400 and assembled roving 18-4800

Thanks to a high-tech production at our new plant in Kimry, we are now expanding our product range and offering our customers three new products:

- Basalt direct roving 22 microns 2400 tex.
The very popular product for many applications in composites industry is the roving 2400 tex, which is a standard product for most of fiberglass manufacturers. Despite the diameter of filaments of 22 microns, our basalt fiber 22-2400 is soft and has high mechanical properties.

- Basalt assembled roving 18 micron 4800 tex and basalt assembled roving 18 micron 3000 tex. These rovings have reduced catenary and high mechanical properties.

To place an order and get more information regarding these products, please contact our sales department managers.

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