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Basalt woven fabrics (TBK 100 and BT 11) and basalt non-crimp fabrics (unidirectional, biaxial and triaxial fabrics)

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Kamenny Vek offers some regular types of basalt fabrics that are always available in stock. Moreover we are ready to produce fabrics according to a customer’s specification at reasonable price.


  • Sports goods
  • Various parts for cars and motorcycles
  • Boat hulls
  • Pultruded profile production
  • Manufacturing of structural panels for various applications
  • Thermo insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Structures reinforcement in construction
  • Wind power generator’s blades


link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhập

The usage of basalt fabrics is an excellent technical solution when customers need mechanical, thermal or other properties that can’t be assured by a fabric of glass fiber. At the same time fabrics made of carbon or special glasses are overpriced for particular application.

For sports goods, cosmetic applications and also for automotive industry, another important parameter is a novelty marketing effect of product as well as its attractive golden-brown color.


Plain and twill woven fabrics

  Fabric name Fabric type Weight, g/sqm Width, mm Thicknes, mm
1 TBK-100 Plain 210±20 1000 0,19
2 BT-11P Twill 3/1 380±25 1000 0,3

Non-crimp fabrics (NCFs)

Fabric name Fabric type Weight, g/sqm Width, mm
B-BI-400 Biaxial fabric 0-90 400 1250
B-TLX 2600-10 Triaxial fabric 904 1250
  In case our customers need multiaxial fabrics that are not presented in our regular products range, they can address themselves to our distributor BASALTEX (Belgium) that produces various multiaxial fabrics in Europe in cooperation with leading European weavers.



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