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Basalt needle-punched mats BIM 8, BIM 10 and BIM 12 for insulation

link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhậpIn 2008 the Kamenny Vek company and our partners started to produce a new non-combustible thermoinsulation material - basalt needle-punched mat. In this product the main advantages of continuous basalt fiber over regular fibers like E-glass and super-thin basalt fiber are implemented.


Ecological and technological advantages:

  • Basalt needle-punched mat (hereinafter BIM) has no binder, mechanical interlocking of the material is achieved with thousands of barbed felting needles repeatedly passing in and out of fibrous web. Meanwhile regular thermoinsulation materials are formed by means of a resin, which releases toxic gases such as phenol, formaldehyde and many others during its gradual degradation.
  • The basis of BIM is basalt fiber with monofilament diameters from 10 to 17 micron. Other manufacturers of thermoinsulation materials use basalt and glass super-thin fibers of 3-4 micron diameters that are cancerogenic materials.
  • BIM doesn't shrink during installation and operation and consequently no gaps will apear between thermoinsulation material and insulated surface. It can be cut in any shape, it's flexible and consequently it's easy to work with it during installation works. Operating themperatures are from -200 °С to + 700 °С. The material has high resistance to agressive media.

Technical specifications of the material, produced by Kamenny Vek:

Surface density [g/m2]700-900900-11001100-2000
Thickness [mm]81012
Width х length [m]1,2х101,2х101,2х10
Thermal conductivity [W/(m*С°)]0,0380,0380,038
Humidity [%]0,10,10,1
LOI [%]0,40,40,4
PricesUpon requestUpon request
Upon request

     Products of our partners:


The following types of materials are available:

·  Basalt mat 480 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 780 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 1000 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 1040 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 1300 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 1800 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 3000 g/m2

·   Basalt mat 3750 g/m2

Product range

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