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Brochures and publications about the products based on continuous basalt fiber

 In this section you can find additional information about "Kamenny Vek" products and their applications. In addition the data about basalt fiber properties and test methods are available. 

Basalt fiber for pultrusion

Nowadays the large part of our total production of Basfiber® goes to our customers engaged in rebar and pultruded profiles manufacturing. Composite profiles of different cross-section are produced by standard pultrusion technology. Basalt rebars are produced by combining pultrusion and winding processes. Basalt fiber reinforced rebars significantly improve the durability of civil engineering structures especially under corrosion environment.... 

General brochure - basfiber products

Kamenny Vek is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality continuous basalt fiber. Kamenny Vek was founded in 2003 by a British private equity fund. The entire range of products produced by Kamenny Vek is sold under the brand name Basfiber®. The best labs and specialists worldwide are involved in development, production, testing and quality control of Basfiber® products... 

Basfiber for construction

Nowadays composite materials successfully replace steel in construction industry. But even among composite materials Basfiber is the product of choice for this application due to its unique combination of properties... 

Basfiber for automotive

Due to its outstanding properties and affordable price, Basfiber® successfully replaces traditional materials in automotive industry. Besides excellent mechanical and sound/thermo insulation properties, the key competitive advantage of Basfiber® in this application is its outstanding recyclability which enables car producers to effectively meet strict end-of-life requirements... 

Continuous basalt fibre: production development and new products, JEC composites magazine, article №103 October 2016

Kamenny Vek has been producing continuous basalt fibre under the brand name Basfiber® for more than 10 years. Over that time, technological process and equipment have been significantly modernized and now the company is manufacturing products with improved properties and better processability in comparison with basalt fibre produced by other manufacturers, and even with the fibre that it produced just a few years ago. 

Kamenny Vek: the Russian basalt-fibre specialist, JEC composites magazine, article №51 September 2009

Established in 2002 in Dubna (Moscow region, Russia), Kamenny Vek manufactures high quality continuous basalt fibres to offer a broad range of products (direct rovings, assembled rovings, twisted yarns, chopped strands, etc.) and technical solutions for many different applications, such as thermoinsulation, construction industry, automotive parts, windmill blades, friction applications, high-pressure cylinders, and more. 

Advanced basalt fibre in high-tech applications, JEC composites magazine, article №44 October 2008

More and more sectors are becoming interested in basalt fibres. The range of applications is diversifying, and includes some high-value-added ones. Russian company Kamenny Vek is one of the players in that market. In this article, it reviews the characteristics of basalt fibre and the innovative applications in which it is used.   

Sizings List

Sizing is essential to basalt fiber manufacture and critical to several key fiber characteristics that determine both how fibers will handle during processing and how they perform as part of a composite. "Kamenny Vek" company has a wide range of various sizings for different applications.


Tensile strength test method

This method applies to basalt single yarns, direct rovings, assembled rovings, twisted yarns and describes techniques of specimen preparation and their testing.The test method is harmonized with ASTM D 3822 standard.Due to the fact that basalt fiber is stiffer and more brittle than glass fiber, preparation of specimens for evaluation of mechanical properties should be more careful.    
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