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Other applications of basalt fiber products

Industrial filters production

Basalt fabric is combined with a polymer film and is processed using needle punching method. Filters, made of basalt fabric, have the following advantages:

  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Spark ignition safety
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Thermal barriers

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The use of Basfiber® for thermal barriers and inserts has the following features and enables customers to achieve the following advantages:

  • Relatively easy introduction of products based on basalt fiber into new thermo insulation projects compared to other applications.
  • A great number of applications where already today basalt thermal barriers are used on regular basis.
  • Excellent combination of high thermo insulation and corrosion resistance properties compared to Е-glass

Composite products in sport and leisure goods

The Basfiber® usage in sport and leisure goods is based on its following advantages compared to other fibers:

  • Significantly higher tensile strength, modulus and impact resistance compared to Е-glass
  • Much lower price compared to S2-glass and carbon fiber
  • Attractive golden-brown color
  • Novelty marketing effect

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Wind power generator blades

Wind power generator blades production based on basalt fabrics is one of the most promising applications for Basfiber®. Its high mechanical properties along with relatively low price will enable blades manufacturers to increase significantly the consumer characteristics of wind power generators and decrease the cost of its manufacturing.

Along with that outstanding recyclability of Basfiber® in incineration process will make it possible to solve the weighty problem of blades end-of-life recycling.


Corrosion resistant high pressure pipes

Kamenny Vek offers special basalt roving for production of composite products using the winding technology. According to experts of composite industry high mechanical properties of Basfiber® are realized more completely just in winding technology.

Marine application

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Thanks to high mechanical properties, resistance to salts attack, low moisture-absorption and democratic price, Basfiber®-based roving and biaxial fabrics are used for manufacturing of boats, yachts and jet boats hulls, surf boards etc.

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