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Basalt fiber production process used for Basfiber® manufacturing


link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhậpContinuous basalt fiber offered by different manufacturers and suppliers is produced from basalt rock of different chemical compositions, and various technologies are used for its production. This means that the properties of basalt fiber can significantly differ depending on the manufacturer.

Kamenny Vek Basfiber® proprietary technology is similar to glass fiber production technology and involves the use of large furnaces with production capacity up to 3500 MT/year. It makes it possible to strictly control the melting and drawing temperature ranges and provides a stable process.

link đăng nhập fb88Liên kết đăng nhậpThe carefully selected raw material used in production, as well as a unique technology Basfiber®, ensures high mechanical properties of the fiber and its lower variability, comparing to basalt fiber produced by other manufacturers.

Kamenny Vek uses large-sized bushings for a full-scale production of high quality, inexpensive 1200- and 2000-tex single-end rovings. That is technically impossible for the technology of fiber production at single- or two-module furnaces, used by all other manufacturers of basalt fiber in the world. In the very near future we will start production of 2400-tex single-end roving.

Constant investments in research, development and innovations, inculcated within the recent years, made it possible to significantly extend the range of products and application fields for Basfiber®. More and more companies around the world have been improving the competitiveness of their products by successfully using Basfiber® instead of the traditional materials they previously used in their projects.

Continuous basalt fiber production cycle is shown in the following video:

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